#7 – Rest

Good morning faith-filled people.

Everybody gets tired. Life for many seems to be getting busier. Some good things tend to get sacrificed because of the many things that need doing. Rest is one of these often overlooked necessities. The Bible is very clear on honouring the Sabbath day of rest; it is not a suggestion but a principle of God’s Word. God knew it was so important that He gave us an example at creation. Think about it, God doesn’t need to rest; He’s God but He was showing us what we must do. Many people say there is too much to do and they don’t have time to rest. With complete love can I say this is not true. I believe there is so much to do that I need to take time off to rest

When we rest I believe we need to from work but I believe it is equally important to rest in God. Resting from work refreshes the body while resting in God refreshes the soul and spirit. Too many times we take time off but it’s simply a physical thing. Today is my Sabbath and I have had a big sleep in (physical) and now I am enjoying some time in worship and the Word and reading an inspiring book (emotional & spiritual). Let’s not be caught up in the cult of busyness but let’s be obedient to rest from work and rest in God.

Rest from work + Rest in God = Replenishment & Refreshing

Isaiah 40:31 Those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength.

Luke 10:38-42 Martha & Mary story