#6 – Loving

Good morning wonderful ‘children of God’

Children are loved by their parents and learn to love from their parents. The truth is we all have had different experiences with our natural parents. I am sure glad that God loves us unconditionally. I know that this does not humanly compute because that is not how we are naturally wired, but it is true nonetheless.

God not only loves us unconditionally but He invites us to learn to love from His example. He says ‘love each other in the same way I have loved you’. What a privilege to receive God’s love and what an honour and a responsibility to give love to others like Christ did. Today you have two choices. Firstly is to receive God’s love fully and secondly is to give it away liberally. There may be someone in your world today that does not deserve your love; we didn’t deserve God’s either. God gave love freely to us so let’s give love freely to others. We can do this simply by smiling, saying a kind word, calling someone and encouraging them, listening to someone who is hurting, giving someone a hug, expressing your appreciation, being nice to someone who is treating you bad. There are endless opportunities simply waiting for us to take them.

John 3:16 God loved so much He gave