A Daily Devotional by Steve McCracken

On June 24th, 2008 I was spending time with God and I felt Him ask me to write a daily thought to tell my friends I believe in them. In a world of many voices we need to hear the following words often; “I believe in you.” We need to hear positive words spoken into our hearts. The following is what I wrote in my journal on June 24th and this is my motivation for writing ‘Believing In You’.

God is stirring my heart with love for others. Is this the compassion of Christ? My prayer for sometime has been “God, move me with compassion.” I’ve really needed it because it’s easy to forget about people in our pursuit of doing the things of God. But is this really possible or in those times are we living a false sense of reality?

Jesus was all about people. He lived for people and He died for people. He was not moved by great teaching, His or anyone else’s; He was moved when He saw people. He was moved when he saw where people were at in relation to where He wanted to take them; where they needed to go.

To work for Christ and not love people as a priority is a waste. It is not a commendable life; it’s a wasted life.

The Bible gives us a story about Jesus talking to Peter. Jesus asks the question, “Do you love me?” Peter responded, “Yes, I love you.” Then Jesus says, “Feed my sheep.” If we love Jesus we will love people and love them enough to feed them. It’s up to us to see people where they are at, see where God wants to take them and then feed them (practically teach them) how to get there. We are responsible for others.

Are we investing our lives into others?

Are we investing enough to see them change?

I want to be a faith-filled positive voice to many. I don’t want this to be about me but I do want it to be about Christ in me, the hope of glory. There are too many voices that clearly and loudly say why people can’t be all that God has intended them to be. I want to be a voice that speaks the truth of what they can become. I want to stir out of comfort zones into “Yes! I CAN DO THIS” realms.

My prayer is that Believing In You will be both encouraging and challenging. I pray that these devotionals will draw you closer to Christ and the result is that you become more like Him. To God be all the glory, honour and praise.

Sharing the journey together,



Steve loves to prophetically speak God’s Word any chance he has, to any group that is hungry to hear what the Holy Spirit wants to say to the Church. As a Prophet, Steve not only brings God’s ‘Now’ word to churches, pastors and leaders, but travels extensively challenging people to become child-like in their faith and unshakeable in their trust of God. Steve is the author of the ‘Believing in You’ daily devotion, which is reaching thousands of subscribers around the world.

Steve is passionate about God and the truth of His Word for our lives. He believes that God’s greatest desire is a deepening love relationship with us. He believes that God is Who He says He is, we are who He says we are, and that we can do what He says we can do. Steve believes that God is beyond human comprehension, yet God invites us all to come and discover Him on deeper levels. He believes that the journey of discovering God more is also the destination. He believes that the more we behold God, the more our thinking is transformed in light of Who He is.

Steve McCracken, along with his wife Sally, is a part of David McCracken Ministries

What others have said about Steve’s Ministry:

“Steve has ministered with us at Activate Church on a number of occasions. I wholeheartedly endorse his ministry and am really enjoying the journey and relationship we’ve developed. Steve takes the Call of God very seriously and always comes well prepared and ready to be bold in the Spirit. His preaching is dynamic, carries a significant prophetic edge, and always deposits something of God. I look forward to continuing the journey with Steve for many years and am grateful that God has gifted His church with great ministries like Steve.” Sheridyn Rodgers, Senior Pastor, Activate Church, Hamilton, New Zealand

“Church Unlimited has been blessed on a number of occasions through Steve McCracken’s ministry, particularly his excellent prophetic input to both the church and to individuals. His passion for God, God’s people and the church is truly inspiring. I have really appreciated the boldness with which Steve proclaims what He feels the Holy Spirit is showing him prophetically.” Tak Bhana, Senior Pastor – Church Unlimited

“A friend of God and a man in pursuit of knowing Him better’. That’s how I’d describe Steve McCracken. But it’s more than that. There’s an infectious love for God that Steve carries with him. He always points people to God, always encourages from the Word of God, always ministers and lives in the power of God. Our lives personally, and as a church corporately, have been changed for the better, directly because of who Steve McCracken is, and who He’s in pursuit of, and I’ve not even mentioned the accurate prophetic mantle on his life.” Garry & Jane Leech, Senior Pastors, Infuse Church, Mount Baker, South Australia

“Steve has truly blessed both our Church and our Ministry Team. His sincere relational approach, coupled with his sharp prophetic insight, has allowed him to leave a significant deposit of the ‘now’ Word of the Lord and has been the reason why we keep inviting him back.” Marty McCrindle, Senior Pastor, Generation City Church, Newcastle, NSW

“As founder-directors of The Joshua Foundation, Lynda and I have always enjoyed and valued Steve McCracken’s ministry, whether as a worship leader on the keyboard, teaching from the Word of God, or as a genuine prophet. We’ve known Steve for decades and were glad to have him minister to our Africa Team of missionaries and East Africans when he visited us with his family in Tanzania. His passion for the Lord, accuracy of prophetic insight and teaching principle was appreciated by all and made a significant contribution to the well-being and direction of the team. We’re now waiting for the next time around!” Alan & Lynda Stephenson, Founders & Directors of The Joshua Foundation, Arusha, Tanzania