#3118 – Right Evidence

Good morning people who live to glorify the Father like Jesus did

John 15:8 NIV This is to My (Jesus) Father’s glory, that you (Believers) bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be My disciples.

Father gets glory from our lives when we live remaining in Jesus and when God’s Word remains in us.

Decisions are important, and it’s not just the initial decision to ‘accept Jesus’ that is important. It is imperative that we continue to live accepting Jesus’ Lordship and Sovereignty in our lives on a daily and moment by moment basis.

The result of remaining in Jesus and God’s Word remaining in us is, we will bear much fruit.

Fruitfulness becomes automatic when we remain in Jesus and God’s Word remains in us. It’s not the result of striving, but of abiding.

And this powerful verse also makes it clear that an evidence of being a true disciple of Jesus is our fruitfulness.

Here’s a true Biblical equation:

Remaining in Jesus and God’s Word remaining in us = much fruit = Father being glorified in us = evidence that we are Jesus’ disciple.

“Is the evidence of your life saying the right thing about God?”


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