#3117 – Answered Prayer

Good morning people who desire God to do the impossible in your life

John 15:7 NIV If you (Believers) remain in me (Jesus) and My words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.

This verse so clearly highlights the imperative need to correctly handle the Word of God, including looking at the context and the entirety of what God is saying.

This verse does not say: If you are a Christian, you can ask God for anything and He will do it for you. Yet unfortunately, sometimes that’s how we live, and disappointment is the result.

This scriptural invitation from Almighty God is given to Christians in whom God’s Word remains.

John 15 clearly shows us that you can be a Believer and not remain in Jesus. Equally you can be a Believer and not have God’s Word remain in you.

It’s not automatic – it’s intentional. It’s not circumstantial – it’s a choice. It’s not that we don’t hear logic, reasoning and see the facts – it’s that we choose to anchor ourselves unshakably to the absolute and infallible truth of God’s Word…

…and it’s these Believers who can ‘ask anything they wish and it will be done’.

“Why?” …because the desire came from God in the first place.

“Are you asking for your will, or for Father’s will to be done in your life?”

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