#3116 – A Second Time

Good morning people who Father loves enough to speak again

A few days ago, I shared the challenging scripture of John 15:2. Now as I continue to read through John 15, I come to verse 6 and I feel like skipping over it.

But then Father challenged me. He said it was important enough for Jesus to speak verse 2 and then come back to the same thought in verse 6, therefore it’s important enough for me to not skip over it.

So, as an act of obedience, here’s verse 6:

John 15:6 NIV If you (Believers) do not remain in Me (Jesus), you are like a branch that is thrown away and withers; such branches are picked up, thrown into the fire and burned.

I believe that some of the BIY readers felt Holy Spirit bring conviction a few days ago, but then you moved on without responding in repentance and reaching out to your heavenly Father.

Today the word of the Lord is coming again, and the reason He is doing this is: you are too important to Father for us to just move on.

This is not a day of condemnation, but of second chances, of new beginnings, of eternal life.

“Will you respond if you need to today? Father’s best is on the other side of your decision.”

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