#3107 – God Just Is

Good morning people who desire to see God as He actually is

John 15:1 NIV I (Jesus) am the true vine, and My Father is the gardener.

God is.

Jesus said “I am…” Jesus said, “My Father is…”

Yes, He followed these statements with “…the true vine” and “…the gardener”, and these are true statements that say a lot about God. But it’s equally true to say these statements were the focus of what Jesus wanted to communication at that moment.

I want to declare two things today:

Firstly, God is and will always be infinitely more than any human mind can ever comprehend. The full extent of the smartest mind in all of history has barely touched the starting point of Who God is.

And this leads me to my second thought: Our greatest need and our greatest invitation is to see God as He actually is.

A deepening and ongoing revelation of Who God is is the greatest need of every human being, and it is the core ingredient that God uses to build His Church.

“Father, give us revelation truth of Who You are. May we see You in increasing measure.”

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