#3014 – Always Obey

Good morning people who have questions yet obey what Father says

Prophetic people know it’s not always about understanding, but it is always about obedience.

There are plenty of things Father says to me that I do not fully understand. It’s ok to have questions, but it’s not ok for those questions to translate into disobedience.

Too many in the Body of Christ today are not fulfilling the will of God for themselves due to unanswered questions they have.

Permit me to be honest.

When we don’t obey because of unanswered questions, we are making our questions bigger than our God.

It’s time for the people of God to anchor themselves to God no matter what. I’m not diminishing your questions or being insensitive to your reality (truly I’m not), but I must speak the truth, and that is, God is greater, God is faithful, God is trust-worthy, God is good, and God is always worthy of our very best and our full surrender and commitment.

Father is looking for some people who will live a prophetic life of obedience regardless of the questions they have.

”Will you be such a person?”

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