#3013 – People Who Lead

Good morning people who are submitted and who lead by example

Prophetic people don’t just follow (although they do live submitted to God and their leaders) – they lead.

Let me explain this statement further.

Prophetic people live submitted to God and to godly oversight. No prophetic person should be a ‘law unto themselves’. Submission, accountability, unity – these are godly words and are essential to every prophetic person.

But we are also called to lead. By this I mean, we lead the way in hearing from God.

When Father speaks, He speaks His wisdom that shifts environments and brings transformation to people’s lives. Prophetic people don’t just sit back and wait for something to happen. We lead the way in pressing through in prayer and an earnest desire to hear Father speak into our lives and into other people’s lives.

“Will you be a person who lives submitted to the Lordship of Christ and to His delegated authority?”

“Will you be a person who will love enough to lead the way in pressing into God and hearing His voice?”

We need prophetic leaders…

”Will you be one?”

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