#3 – Not Comfortable

Good morning hungry people.

I am hungry for the things of God. Are you? The problem is I am not comfortable with a lot that I see in the Name of God. You might have heard of the current revival in Lakeland, Florida through a man called Todd Bentley. I am not comfortable with some things I see. My natural tendency is to write it off because I wouldn’t do it that way. I’m being really honest here. But then I have to stop and look at the fruit. The truth of the matter is many people are being healed and there are even verifiable cases of the dead being raised! I’ve just heard from a Pastor friend of mine in Cambodia who said a friend of theirs who has been sick for years and years with Lupus went to the meetings and got miraculously healed! I have to say ‘Praise God!!!’

I may not be comfortable but that does not mean it’s not God. I would have been uncomfortable with Jesus spitting on the ground, making mud and slapping it on someone’s eyes, but He did. Many of us wouldn’t do that but is that because we are more spiritual or less obedient? I think we need to be slower to judge and come to a conclusion of whether something is of God. I also think we need to be careful of the measuring rod that we use to determine whether it’s of God or not.

One last thought when thinking about Todd Bentley and others. Don’t listen to the many negative voices who post their comments on the internet including video clips that are a part of a whole; many of these comments are possibly taken out of context. Also many of these critics are simply looking for a way to discredit because they are uncomfortable. A better way to make up your mind on what you think is to watch a complete meeting or two or visit their own website. Allow God to move any way He wants.

Are we being obedient with what God has asked us to do or are we bound by what man might think?

Romans 14:10,12-13 You, then, why do you judge your brother? Or why do you look down on your brother? For we will all stand before God’s judgement seat