#2 – Needy People

Good morning needy people.

We live in a culture that believes they don’t need God. Compared to many third world countries we have so much that we believe we need so little. But is this true? My personal experience is the closer I get to God and the deeper my relationship with Him gets the more I realise I need Him. Today I woke up again with a feeling of desperate need for God. Is this weak? Is this bad? No. The words of the song ‘Breathe’ are so true; ‘I’m desperate for You; I’m lost without You’. Another song says ‘I need You more, more than yesterday. I need You more, more than words can say’. This is true for every person on the face of the earth but unfortunately most people don’t realise it.

Being needy for God does not mean walking around miserable; in fact we should be the most confident people around. How is this so? The Bible says ‘God will never leave us or forsake us,’ it also tells us that the Holy Spirit has made His residence in us when we invite Him in. Therefore our confidence and purpose in life comes from ‘Christ in us, the hope of glory’. Without Christ and a realised need for Him desperately, we are nothing, but with Him every day is a day to rejoice and walk in confidence and boldness. If we are having successful days without the awareness of Christ throughout and a healthy need for God in everything we do, then we are on dangerous ground. God has an incredible way of humbling man. But the amazing and wonderful thing for every one of us today is this; yes we need God but that’s both healthy and reassuring because WE HAVE GOD LIVING IN US! Today I pray we are all needy people