#2998 – Prophetic Redirection 

Good morning people who trust that they are hearing God in the moment 

Prophetic people willingly and quickly change direction when the Holy Spirit speaks. 

Quite often it happens that God changes His instructions to me. He says one thing, I step out and start doing it, and then He says something different. I’m preaching along a direction Father has clearly stated, then He interrupts and redirects along another path. 

I used to wonder if I hadn’t heard right the first time, or maybe God was confused.  

But then I discovered an incredible key that is so empowering to me: Father doesn’t just want to know if I have heard correctly, but if I’m still listening.  

I think it’s important to God that we don’t become reliant on what He has said at the expense of what He is now saying. Also, He doesn’t want us to rely on a model or adopt a method – He wants us to rely on Him. 

“How quickly do you change direction when Father says something different?”  

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