#2997 – Prophetic Promptings

 Good morning people who follow Father’s leading on small things.  

Prophetic people follow the promptings on seemingly insignificant things. 

Many of the whispers of God are overlooked as being ‘just me’, or a random thought, or my conscience. Whilst sometimes it could be, I’ve discovered that unless it is wrong (against what the Bible says), often times it’s God speaking to me. 

You might understandably say, “Why would God speak to you about picking up a piece of paper, turning left here, waiting 5 minutes, or texting that person?”  

I believe Father wants to know if we are living a life of listening to Him. This is important because if He can trust us to obey when it doesn’t seem to matter, then He can trust us when He desires us to prophetically speak into someone’s life.  

So this is how I live life as a prophetic person: If I feel anything and I know it’s not against God’s Word, I purpose to do it quickly. I do this from a place of delighting myself in the Lord and desiring to hear Him speak.  

Hear and obey – it’s the best way to live.  

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