#2999 – Sensitive People

Good morning people who allow God to prompt them and then respond accordingly 

Prophetic people are sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and therefore, they repent quickly.

We all have moments where we make wrong decisions. Every one of us sins at times, willingly or ignorantly (Hebrews 9:7).

Therefore, the question is not “Do you ever sin?”, but rather, “How quickly do you repent?”

Because the essence of the prophetic is ‘hearing God speak’, then I believe prophetic people are able to hear the Holy Spirit’s promptings, and as a result, repent quickly.

I am a highly sensitive man. Truth be told, in many ways and in many situations I am probably over-sensitive. But praise God, I am also highly sensitive to the Holy Spirit. It’s this sensitivity and commitment to respond to the Holy Spirit that both protects me and empowers me to run well. I don’t have to fear getting off track because I have learned to recognise the voice of God. I’m not saying it do everything right – I don’t – but I have confidence in God making it clear to me when I make a wrong choice.

“How’s your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and your quickness to repent?”

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