#262 – Inexhaustible

Good morning people who love God’s Word

Some people ask me if it’s difficult to write something everyday. It honestly is not because the more I write the more I realise the precious Word of God is inexhaustible!!! Even if I was to start in Genesis, end in Revelation and repeat this every year for the rest of my life, God is able to speak something fresh every day. Do you believe that? I do with all my heart.

How do you approach the Word of God?

Are you content to simply read it occasionally? Do you try and read it every day and tick it off on your sheet? Or do you meditate on it, memorise it, get it into you and read it with a passionate desire for God to speak to you personally?

Do you read the Word of God with a desire to know the Truth and as a result be free? Do you read the Word of God from a place of wonder and awe and gratitude that God has authored the Bible to speak to us? Do you read the Bible from a conviction that it is absolute authority and every opinion of man is subject to its lordship?

How you perceive the Word of God determines how you receive the Word of God. The Bible is overflowing with amazing things that God wants to reveal to you so that you can live life well. The Word of God is inexhaustible so be hungry for it and give lots of time to it.