#255 – Three Pills

Good morning people who want to be healthy

This mornings ‘Believing In You’ is something my Dad wrote recently to someone to encourage them. I saw a copy of it and was so blessed that I thought you too would benefit from it. So here it is; today’s BIY by David McCracken (used with permission).

I am reminded of the connection between laughter (a declaration of joy) and verbal praise (a declaration of worship). The power in both is in their verbal declaration. The Word says “a merry heart does good like a medicine” and also says “enter His courts with praise”.

There is power in laughter to do good medically but it increases its power enormously when connected with verbal praise. The third component is speaking in tongues (or singing in tongues) out loud. Not only does your enemy hear your voice but YOU do! Paul says that “whoever speaks in tongues (out loud) edifies (strengthens and encourages) themselves”. Tongues is neglected by many Christians today but is still the one vehicle through which the Holy Spirit is able to directly release His power in you and also, through your tongues, make intercession on your behalf to the Father. Now, THAT is a prayer partner!!

What a powerful trio when put together!! Praise, tongues, and laughing out loud at the realization of the goodness of God and the true authority He has given you. You also can laugh at your enemies in derision… God does! It says that He sits in the Heavens and views His enemies and LAUGHS!! There is nothing as powerful when you are under attack than to do the most illogical, unreasonable thing and raise your voice in praise, tongues and positive confession.

I encourage you today to ensure you take your three pills every day: lots of VERBAL praise, tongues and laughter!