#2147 – God’s Invitations

Good morning people who see the invitations from a loving God

I feel stirred to revisit something I have said before; thatOur God is a God of invitation, not obligation.

Too often we see God as a demanding God. We subtly buy into the lie that it is all about us being good and doing things perfectly. No, it’s about us knowing and walking with the One Who is Good and Perfect.

When this is our focus, we start reading, meditating on and accepting the Word of God differently. The focus shifts from “What is required of me; what must I do?” to “WOW! God Almighty invites me into the best place; He invites me to receive His best in my life!”

This focus happens when we read an ‘instruction’ from God and STEP BACK and view it through the lens of ‘invitation’ not ‘obligation’. This takes intentionality as we have become so programmed to be fixated on ourselves more than on God. Our focus should not be about us reaching up to God, but that He has reached out to us. Our focus should not be about what we think He is withholding from us, but about all the good and delightful things He has given to us. At the core of Who God is, He is a Giver, not a Taker.

It’s time to see God differently; it’s time to see Him AS HE IS. It’s time to see God’s Word differently; to see it as an invitation from Love Himself.

So today, I encourage you to read God’s Word, STEP BACK and see His wonderful invitation to you…then give yourself to it and see the goodness of God overflow in your life. 

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