#189 – Pit Bull People

Good morning tenacious people of God

I have a sense that many of us will need to have a pit bull mindset this year. A pit bull is a determined dog that when it locks its jaws on something, it ain’t going to let it go. You can hit it on the head and it won’t let go. You can yell at it and it won’t let go. It grabs hold of something and it won’t let go!

This is how we need to be this year with God. We must hold on to Him with such tenacity that no matter what happens, WE WILL NOT LET HIM GO!!!! I speak it boldly and loudly; HOLD ON TO GOD AND DO NOT LET HIM GO!!!

We need the mindset of Jacob when he wrestled with God.

Genesis 32:26 Then the man (God) said, “Let me go, for it is daybreak.” But Jacob replied, “I will not let you go until you bless me.”

Sometimes we give up to easily. Too many are distracted and disappointed and we let go of God and our trust in Him. Let’s not do that this year! When things get tough; run to God! When there is disappointment and contradiction; run to God! When people let you down and you don’t understand God’s ways; run to God! Hold on to Him! Don’t let Him go! The choice is ours and I pray we all run the race this year holding on to God with pit bull determination.