#14 – Change = Focus

Good morning grace blessed people

Sometimes I so desperately want to become like Jesus Christ that I strive. We talked about this the other day. I must learn to strive less and abide more. Here are two more things that can help us become more like Jesus Christ.

1. Focus on changing yourself. Too many times we see the flaws in others more than we see them in ourselves. The Bible tells us to remove the log from our own eye before we try and remove the speck from someone else’s. It’s amazing how in my marriage when I focus on changing myself I see things differently. Today if you feel someone needs to change, STOP and have a look in the mirror first. Ask the Holy Spirit if there is something in you that needs to change.

2. Focus on blessing others. Sometimes in our pursuit for holiness and change, we become self-absorbed. I know this is true of me at times; I am so focused on changing that I am at times adding to the problem because I am still thinking about me! Yes ask the Holy Spirit to change us but then focus on blessing others. We can all do this today. Why not ask these three questions: