#79 – Run To God

Good morning God-chasers

2 Chronicles 28:22 In his time of trouble King Ahaz became even more unfaithful to the Lord.

We all have times of trouble. Trouble can come in all different shapes and sizes and can be physical, emotional, spiritual, relational or financial. I think we have all lived long enough to know that life is not always easy.

The question is therefore not whether we will have times of trouble but what we will do in these times. Do we run to God, or like King Ahaz, do we run from God? In the times when people need God most, many become even more unfaithful. Maybe this has been your experience also. For many people I don’t think it’s an intentional decision to run away from God. Many times it comes down to where our focus is. If our focus is totally on the situation then worry, doubt, anxiety, fear, anger and resentment can often be the natural response from our heart. I believe in times of trouble we need to make a conscience decision to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus. In these times we need to answer the question “Do we fully trust God right now?” It really does come down to a trust issue. Is God able to deliver me? Will I trust Him if He chooses not to?

In times of trouble we need to make a conscience decision and that decision is to run to God.

“My God and my King oh how I need you. I have questions and I have challenges. At times life can be really tough. I pray that you help me to make the right decision in these times to run to You. I do trust You Lord and I acknowledge I need You. Today I draw my strength from You and I choose to meditate on the things of God from the Word of God. Thank You for being faithful to me.”