#66 – The Difference

Good morning beloved of the Lord

Imagine ten athletes that want to make it to the Olympics but they are all short on funds to get there. Some have most of their money, some have about half, a couple need most of it while one athlete has nothing to contribute. There is a generous person who gives the difference to every person to make up the required funds to get them there.

God does the same for us, not only in salvation, but in emotional and physical healing, daily grace and mercy, forgiveness, provision and the list goes on. All of us have needs but the problem is we often compare ourselves to others. Many times we think we have gone too far and we are in the ‘too hard’ basket for God or others. Listen to me carefully; whatever you have to give, God can make up the difference. We all need to make it to 100% and it doesn’t matter if you have 80% to give, God will make up the other 20%. It also doesn’t matter if you think you are the least of the least with only 5% to give to God, He will make up the 95% needed.

If you need healing, God can do it, whether a headache or cancer. We think one is harder than the other but what is needed is healing and God makes up the difference, big or small. That’s why God can save a ‘good person’ brought up in the best Christian environment and He can save a serial mass murderer on death row. How? Because whatever is needed, God can make up the difference. This may be for you or for someone you are praying for but don’t ever believe the lie that ‘they will never get saved, healed, set free