#5743 – Fruit of Words

Good morning people who eat the fruit of the words that you speak.

Proverbs 12:14 MEV A man will be satisfied with good by the fruit of his mouth, and the recompense of a man’s hands will be rendered to him.

The word satisfied means to have enough. I believe it is true that we all want to be satisfied with good. No one’s plan is to be satisfied with evil or dissatisfied with good. We want to be filled with all that is good.

According to this verse, one of the ways that this happens in our life is through the fruit of our mouth. This is talking about the words that we speak.

There is fruit in our words.

It is important to not equate being satisfied with good with everything going exactly how we would like it to be. In other words, the writer of Proverbs is not saying that if we speak right, everything will feel right and be ok. We can speak right and still battle with pain and sickness and challenges in our relationships. This is important to say.

So, what does this verse mean?

I believe that the state of walking in the goodness of God, including His joy and His peace, is part of the fruit of our words.

Speaking personally, I know that I feed on what I say. If I am complaining about “valid” difficulties, I am not being satisfied with good in that moment, and my feelings and thoughts reflect this. Conversely, I can be in the very same difficulties, and intentionally choose to give thanks to God and worship Him for who He is and all that He has done. This sacrifical act from a right focus empowers me to be satisfied with God’s goodness.

What is the fruit of your words?

May our words release deep and lasting satisfaction in the goodnes of God.