#5704 – Out of God’s Mouth

Good morning people who go straight to the source of wisdom.

Proverbs 2:6 MEV For the Lord gives wisdom; out of His mouth come knowledge and understanding.

The wisdom that the Lord gives comes out of His mouth. When I read this, I heard the Lord say, “Wisdom comes out of my mouth, not out of a book.” Let’s lean in.

I’ve just been for a prayer walk and I heard the Lord say that the most often asked question we should ask ourselves is, “What does God’s Word say?” Oh, how different our world and our lives would be if this is what we did!

I am alarmed when “Christians” go to worldly-minded people – in person or in a book – to gain wisdom and understanding for how they should live their lives. I am shocked and disappointed when they quote “knowledge” that is clearly contrary to the words of God found in the Word of God. And they call it “enlightenment”.

Wisdom comes from the Lord. Wisdom comes from the mouth of God. Wisdom comes from the Word of God. Wisdom = of God!

It’s time to reclaim the sieve of God’s Word. Our lives are to pass through God’s Word for our very definition. Our values, our standards, our beliefs, our culture should be based in God’s Word; in what comes from the mouth of God.

Here’s another statement that won’t leave me:

If it’s ’of God’, let it grow. If it’s ‘not of God’, it must go!

May this be the standard of our lives.