#5681 – Reclaiming Prayer

Good morning people who prioritise the sacred privilege of ongoing conversation with God.

1 Thessalonians 5:17 NIV Pray continually.

Prayer is not an optional extra for a believer and follower of Jesus. Prayer is essential and it is continual.

These are days when the importance of prayer is being restored and reclaimed.

Let’s jump into honesty time. Too often, too many people – myself included – talk about prayer more than we pray. We say that it is important, and yet we don’t do much of it. We will even read about prayer and watch sermons on prayer more than we will pray.

Something needs to shift and change.

Prayer is not a duty to be done. And it is possibly this belief and mindset that is a core enemy to God’s people praying more; many think it is something they should do.

Prayer is entering into conversation with the Divine! Prayer is engagement in communication with the Lord God Almighty! Prayer is partnership with the one who can and does move mountains and raise the dead!

Prayer is our privilege, not our obligation. Prayer is something we get to do!

I will admit that this does not always make prayer easy or convenient. But nor does healthy communication with people you love. Many times, even human relationships need to be prioritised, including changing schedules and making appointments.

So, why do we do it for natural relationships and not with our most important relationship with God?

I join you today in reclaiming prayer as a priority and a privilege. I join you today in making my schedule fit around time with God, and not in trying to squeeze a few rushed moments into a hectic life.

Together, let’s become praying people.