#5663 – Kingdom Assignments

Good morning people who stay on mission with Father’s mission for your day.

This is a bigger truth that will have a greater impact on our year than many other things. We need Father’s perspective on what He is saying. And can I say to you who are pastors and leaders, this is an imperative shift for many if we are going to reclaim a rhythm of rest as God has planned from the beginning of time.

There were times when Jesus left the crowds of people and their many needs in order to spend time with His Father by Himself. There were also times when Jesus left personal time with His Father because He was moved with the compassion of His Father when He saw the people and their needs. Why? Because Jesus stayed on kingdom assignment through His intimacy with His Father.

Paul had a heart to preach the gospel to as many people as possible. And yet Paul didn’t go to some places that he had planned to go to. Why? Because Paul stayed on kingdom assignment through a revelation from the Holy Spirit.

As a result, Jesus and Paul did not run out of time or live frantic ‘out-of-control’ lives. Busy? Yes. Fruitful? Most definitely! But frantic? Not at all.

We need a shift in the body of Christ. Wearing ourselves out ‘in the name of God’ is not something Father is asking us to do. Therefore, we need to be wise and mature enough to ask:

Who is the author of this voice of compulsion to live outside of Father’s unforced rhythm of grace and rest?

Now, I don’t want to over-simplify the complexities and demands of life. There are unexpected twists and turns, and there are urgent matters and needs that arise. This is common to us all. But I equally don’t want to perpetuate a culture that is not kingdom.

So, please join me this year in rediscovering and reclaiming God’s pace through knowing His kingdom assignment for us in each moment.

I encourage you to watch my sermon God’s Gift of Time that I shared on January 1st last year, or you can read the blog from this message titled What Is It Time For?