#5619 – Pause & Listen

Good morning people who stop long enough and lean in to hear the quiet whispers of God.

Following on from yesterday, let me urge you to take more time to pause and listen to God.

I know that life is full and there is always lots to do. I don’t know many people who are waiting for something to do because there is nothing to do in life. Rather, I know many people who ‘don’t have time’ to do many of the important things in life.

If that’s you, I don’t condemn you. In fact, many times, I find myself there too. However, I know that it is not a healthy place to be, and if I’m really honest, it is avoidable, but it requires me to be a bit more honest with myself.

I’ve found that, more often than not, it really does come down to priorities. It’s not so much about busyness, as it is about priorities. And priorities are defined by what is most important to us. It could even be said, priorities are about what we love the most.

Again, there’s no condemnation from me, but I join you in encouraging us to stop the excuses and to re-establish the right priorities.

Let’s be honest, how many times have we said that we don’t have time to spend in God’s Word or in prayer or worship, and yet we spend significant moments of time “unwinding and relaxing” through different forms of entertainment? And we do this without it truly ‘filling the tank’ or ‘restoring the soul’.

Going to God is where we need to go more. And when we do, let’s pause and listen. Let’s think about the Lord and meditate on who He is. Let’s gaze upon His majesty and His beauty. Let’s ask Him what’s on His heart and look for Him in His Word.

And then when He whispers, let’s enter into the conversation that He is initiating. There is so much more my friends, but it comes when we take time, pause and listen.