#5618 – Only a Supplement

Good morning people who intentionally and regularly feed yourself in God.

As I sit to write another day of BIY, I hear Father say, “Remind them that BIY is only a supplement.”

Supplements are great, but they are only supplements. This word means ‘a thing added to something else in order to complete it or enhance it.’ It can also mean ‘a substance taken to remedy deficiencies in a person’s diet.’

Let me be clear: Anything I write does not complete the Word of God. Nothing can be added to the Word of God to make it better. It is wholly inspired by the Holy Spirit, and it is infallible. Within Scripture, we will find all that we need to point us to knowing God better, as well as to revealing God’s will and purpose. I can’t complete it.

In the truest sense, I cannot enhance it either. Sure, I can write about it and point out some truths from it, but that’s about it.

And then there’s the part about a supplement being ‘a substance taken to remedy deficiencies in a person’s diet.’ Think about this spiritually. BIY is not the remedy to the spiritual deficiencies in anyone’s spiritual diet! Why not? Because God’s Word is where we should turn, and God Himself is who we should go to.

Now that I have talked myself out of any need to write BIY, let me state clearly that I will continue to do so because Father gave me a clear word to ‘feed people every day for the rest of my life.’

But today, I feel compelled by the love of God to re-establish that my tiny contribution is to be a small supplement to your own daily feeding and feasting in God and in His Word. I beg you, don’t make my devotion your only or main God time. There is so much more available to you; infinitely more than I could ever provide.

So, go to God today; talk to Him, listen to Him, commune with Him. And go to His Word; read it, memorise it, meditate on it, and step through the pages and find God Himself. May your intimacy with God increase as you keep God and His Word your priority.

God bless you dear friends.