#5358 – No Match

Good morning people who are victorious against a defeated foe.

Overcoming the devil and demons with just a spoken word was very normal for Jesus. It was also much more frequent than many of us would be comfortable with. This is just the facts of Jesus’ life and ministry.

Many of the afflictions that people suffered with were demonic in origin. This included many people who were tormented in their mind, as well as many who suffered terribly in their bodies. Many common conditions were healed as Jesus rebuked the spirit that was at the root of the issue.

And these are days when far too many people are also affected.

Let’s step back and get our theology correct. There is no sickness, disease or infirmity in heaven. I’m sure you agree. Jesus paid the ultimate and a very terrible price so that by His stripes people would be healed. This is the truth of God’s Word.

The devil hates this! He throws everything he can at people. But we must enter into a deeper revelation that he does so as one who has no legal right or authority.

I am not saying every sickness is a sign that a demon needs to be dealt with. Sometime sickness can simply be the result of being run down or picking up an infection (or several other reasons).

But there are many times when a spirit of harassment or infirmity or fear is attacking people. In these times, as God’s children, may we have the discernment to know what the root is, and may we also walk in kingdom authority over the devil, knowing he is no match for God in us! 

It’s time for miracles to be normal!