#5308 – Pastures & Waters

Good morning people who are led to pleasant places by our loving Father.

Psalms 23:2 NIV He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters.

I hear the Lord say, “Sometimes you fight against Me taking you to a pleasant place because you want to go to a different place.”

Sometimes we want God to refresh us, to bless us and to do us good, but only in the way that we want Him to do it. Many times this is connected to escaping natural realities.

Yet many of the champions of faith in the Bible were led to green pastures and quiet waters while still in slavery, in prison, in pain, in a lion’s den and in a fiery furnace.

God wants to lead us to what our spirit and soul craves for. But He also wants us to trust that He knows how to best provide what we truly need.

There is peace available in the storm. And that peace is available because Jesus is in the storm with us.

If the Good Shepherd is making us lie down in green pastures, and the Good Shepherd is leading us beside still waters, it can only happen because the Good Shepherd is with us! In fact, He is the green pasture and He is the still water!