#5272 – Intentional Decision

Good morning people who do not neglect God’s precious and holy Word.

Psalms 119:16 NIV I delight in your decrees; I will not neglect your word.

I am drawn this morning to the phrase, ‘I will not neglect your word.’

Most neglect is unintentional. Most important things are not deliberately put aside as unimportant. This may include, but is not limited to, our health, our relationships, and our spiritual connection with God.

The word neglect in the Hebrew means, ‘to mislay, i.e. to be oblivious of, from want of memory or attention.’ Literally it means to forget.

Neglect can often happen through being distracted by other good and important things. People can neglect (forget) picking up their children from school because of a pressured and important business meeting that went overtime.

Here’s the point: To neglect something does not mean you are doing something wrong, and nor does it mean that you have intentionally decided that something is not important.

And this is what we can so easily do with God’s precious Word.

It’s not that we decided to neglect spending time in God’s Word, actively listening to and waiting on God, and by doing so, enter into deep and intimate fellowship with Him. We love God, but we just got caught up in other things; important things.

Today is a day of realignment to what is most important, and this includes making an intentional decision to prioritise time with God in His Word.