#5239 – Greater than Condemnation

Good morning people who are invited into full acceptance in Jesus Christ.

God is greater than condemnation!

Many of us would love to experience this, yet our reality seems so different. I have been there many times in my life.

But what is the truth about this from Father’s perspective?

God is for us! This is the truth. When we are in Christ, the Father sees His Son when He looks at us. And newsflash: The Father likes His Son!

But we also have an enemy called the devil. It’s important to know who the devil is and what his nature is – not to focus on him, but to know how our enemy works. He is predictable, and yet he isn’t powerful because he’s been defeated by Jesus! God is greater!

The word devil literally means traducer. This is not a common word today, but this is what it means, ‘to slander, to accuse, to defame.’  In the dictionary, it means, ‘speak badly of or tell lies about (someone) so as to damage their reputation.’

The devil’s whole arsenal is based on telling us lies in a hope that we will believe him! That’s all he’s got! He wants us to feel condemned by what we’ve done, however, our lives are not defined by what we have done, but by who God is and all that He has done!

I think there may be some more on this tomorrow!