#5091 – By God’s Spirit

Good morning people who rely upon God to touch people’s lives.

Have you ever had a relationship with someone who is far from God?

I have and I still do.

Too often I have thought that if I can just say the right thing, revelation will flow and everything will quickly change. Now I am not saying that this can’t happen – it can – but the normal is very different to this.

Recently I heard myself saying in the Spirit, “I don’t want to convince people – I want God’s Spirit to touch people.”

Isn’t this what we all need?

Revelation from heaven changes people, not persuasion from earth.

What is started by convincing arguments will probably need to be sustained by convincing arguments. But what is started by revelation from the Holy Spirit will change a person’s life!

Because eternal life is a work of the Holy Spirit and true transformation is also a work of the Holy Spirit, our best part in God’s work in people’s lives is to pray for them and to love them.

Of course we know this, but the question is, do we do this?

It’s time to pray and it’s time to love.