#5050 – God’s Voice

Good morning people who live in and from fresh daily manna from heaven.

When was the last time you heard God’s voice?

Permit me to ask a different question.

When was the last time you read God’s Word until you heard God’s voice?

Ok, one more question.

What did you do once you heard God’s voice?

I feel Father is inviting you and I, today, to come back to listening for and entering into conversation with God’s voice.

As you read God’s Word, expect God to speak. Not what you want Him to say, but what He wants to say. Not with a primary focus on you, but with greater revelation of who He is.

So, read God’s Word slowly, prayerfully, in quietness, and listen. Lean in. Ask the Lord to speak to you.

And when He does – because He most certainly will – stop and lean in further. Talk to the Lord about what He is saying and showing you. Enter into a deeper intimacy of relationship. Don’t rush on. Don’t draw natural conclusions. Don’t assume.

Receive. Listen. Embrace. Enjoy.

Pray. Prophesy. Declare. Exalt.

May these be days of increased hearing what the Spirit is saying to the church.