#49 – Finishing Well

Good morning faithful ones

Too many start this incredible gift of life well and then end up spiritually bankrupt. I think it is very sad when you hear of wonderful people losing their way and their end is a shadow of their early years. Many get distracted and discouraged. For some tolerance led to sin and sin has destroyed. For some it started only with weariness but left undealt with, this led to burnout and giving up. The thing we must keep in mind is these are good people; people who sincerely love God; people who intended to finish well.

Firstly it’s never too late. If this is your story now, then our wonderful Father is waiting to restore and to make new. Don’t believe the lie that says it’s too late; it is not. The enemy would like to see your life end in devastation but your heavenly Father would like to see it end in fruitfulness and intimacy with Him; and it can. Remember, God’s mercy is new every morning; great is His faithfulness.

Secondly prevention is better than cure. There are things we can do to ensure we finish life well. Other people’s sad story does not have to be ours. I will not go that path; will you join me in finishing well? We need to ensure some non-negotiable essentials stay non-negotiable in our lives; Intimacy with God, a focus on character over gifts, accountability, ruthlessness with sin and true compassion for others. Today you need to give thought to these; maybe over the next few days you could prayerfully do a stock take on this list. You can finish well and indeed you must.

Matthew 24:13 He who stands firm to the end will be saved.