#4787 – Reasonable Thoughts

Good morning people who are very careful with what you think about.

The devil really wants to distract us from God and His purpose, and he will do so any way he can. This includes consuming our thoughts with reasonable questions.

We need discernment to know if our focus of thought is producing the fruit of the Spirit or if it is robbing us of the fruit of the Spirit. Think about this.

Not every reasonable question should be given time. In the days that we live in, there are lots of reasonable questions, including but not limited to, COVID-19, lockdowns, restrictions, vaccines etc. Even as I type this, I hear many people’s minds racing and questions instantly flare up.

But here’s my point, and I believe it is the Holy Spirit speaking clearly.

What is being produced in you as you give time to those reasonable thoughts?

It’s not wrong to ask questions. In fact, we should. We shouldn’t be ignorant, and we should make informed decisions. But that’s different to continually giving time to bottomless and unanswerable questions.

If the fruit of your thinking about these reasonable questions is fear and anxiety, think about something else! Change the channel and redirect your narrative.

Today, I choose to think about God and His Word, and whatsoever is excellent or praiseworthy.

Will you join me?