#4780 – Spirit to Spirit

Good morning people who go beyond the natural in your relationship with God.

Our walk with God is not a natural relationship. Being born again was not just a natural decision. Hearing God speak is not just a natural thought that we think. Revelation of the truth is not just natural learning of a concept or a principle.

There is nothing ‘just natural’ about the spiritual reality of God!

The longer I walk with God, the more I saturate myself in God’s Word, and the more I fellowship with God’s wonderful Spirit, the more I yearn for a deeper spirit-to-spirit intimacy!

I want to understand the mysteries of God; the secrets that He invites me into. I want to know what is important to Him. I want to have His perspective on everything.

I don’t want to just ask God to talk to me about what is on my heart (although I love to do this). I want to know what is on His heart. I want to step into the spiritual realm more; seeing spiritual truth, by the Holy Spirit, revealed to my spirit.

I want to live beyond understanding. I want to live in the deep places of God.

And I believe He wants it too – for me and for you.