#4778 – More Than Words

Good morning people who do not reduce God down to letters on a page.

The following thought came to me so clearly:

Three little letters make up one small word – God.

Yet the largest of words can’t come close to even starting to describe our indescribable God!

We must never reduce God to a word, a phrase, an illustration or a concept.

We must not even reduce God down to a theology, a doctrine or a sermon.

The best communicator barely scrapes the surface of starting to articulate God.

The most insightful book written is like reading the introduction of God’s life and story.

My point is this: When it comes to our understanding of God, whatever our thoughts, words, experience and even ‘area of expertise’, God is infinitely and immeasurably more!

This is such wonderful news! This God who is beyond description stands at the door of our heart, knocking, wanting to come in and spend time with us.

This is humbling. This is exciting. This is life.