#4697 – Hearing Truth

Good morning people who know the Truth and obey the Truth

You cannot obey what you do not know, and as believers, we are called to know the Truth.

I’m typing the word Truth with a capital ‘T’ in these BIY articles because I’m talking about the Truth of who is Jesus, as well as the Truth of what He has declared in the written Word of God. I want to elevate both to their rightful place of supreme authority.

Obedience cannot happen without hearing, and hearing comes by listening to all that God is saying. The parable of the wise man and the foolish man that we have been mediating on the last few days are the final words of Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount.

In this lengthy sermon, Jesus declared many power-filled words that lifted Truth to a higher level. Many wrongly use “It’s all about grace now, not the law” as a license to sin. Jesus didn’t lower the bar, He raised it.

And then He called people to build their lives upon obedience to this higher way; not just about murder, but about hating; not just about adultery, but about lust.

To the wise man and the foolish man in Matthew 7:24-27, Jesus says, “Everyone who hears these words of mine…”

My question to us all today is this:

Whose words are you hearing and listening to?

Our theology, doctrine and obedience should be based on and rooted in the Truth of Jesus Christ and the written Word of God.

It should not be based on and rooted in the news, social media, people’s opinions or conspiracy theories.

Come on people of God, it’s time to be people of God, and people of God are people of full obedience to the full Word of God.