#4583 – First & Central

Good morning people who love to spend time with and acknowledge God

Mature believers keep God first and keep God central.

There is something so right about giving God the first of everything, including our time. Waking up in the morning and spending time with God is priceless. I personally love sitting with the Lord, listening to Him, talking with Him, and enjoying His Word before I “get on with my day.” God loves it even more than I do.

But I don’t spend this time with the Lord and then get into my day without Him. He is not someone I visit just when I need something, nor is He someone I leave when I am done. God promises to never leave me, and He invites me to acknowledge Him in all of my ways.

So why wouldn’t I enjoy Him and commune with Him throughout all that I do!

Spending time with God first thing, and keeping God central always is not an either / or thing, it is a both / and thing.

And all of this is such a privilege that we have! Just think about it today: We get to spend time with our incredible God 24/7!!! There is no greater joy!