#41 – Spiritual Authority

Good afternoon kingdom authority people

As Christ-submitted Believers, we are not called to fight the devil but rather exercise spiritual authority over him. We don’t fight to gain freedom; we exercise spiritual authority to maintain freedom. This is powerful.

Our fight with the enemy is not like two armies that fight and either one could win. We don’t fight from the place of “I hope I can win”. The Word of God promises that if we are submitted to God’s Lordship (completely) then when we resist the devil, he must flee. Some today need a revelation of the power of God in them and through them. The devil is not more powerful than a Christ-submitted Believer! He simply isn’t. His power is when Believers aren’t fully submitted to God (that’s dangerous on all fronts) or when a Believer doesn’t have a conviction that ‘greater is the One living in them than the enemy living in the world.’ Church you must realise that spiritual authority is about two things; it’s about what God has done and it’s about a legal position in God. We are seated with Him in heavenly places to rule and to reign! Some of you today are not defeated by the enemy but you are defeated in your mind. You aren’t sure of who you are in Christ and what authority you legally have.

I close with two things. Firstly accept the Word of God. What He says goes! Secondly I highly recommend “Overcomers: Born to Rule’. This is a seminar available on DVD or CD that my Dad, David McCracken, teaches. It is for every Believer and its focus is on how to walk in spiritual authority. It truly is life-transforming and I highly recommend it to every one of you. Be blessed my friends; we are on the winning side!