#3147 – Never Shaken

Good morning people who do the right thing even when it costs us dearly

Yesterday we looked at Psalm 15 where David highlighted attributes that God is looking for in His children. We talked about integrity in our lives, and I felt it was a word for those specifically in business.

Today I want to highlight the promise of God that we find in the last line of this great little chapter. Here it is:

Psalm 15:5c NIV Whoever does these things will never be shaken.

Oh how good is our faithful God!

If we do the right thing by God, it might not always work out how we expect with people. In fact, it might go badly with people. I know this is not overly encouraging, but we need to speak the truth of God’s Word – not just speak what people want to hear.

But this is still the truth, and here’s why:

When we walk and work with absolute integrity, Father is always honoured and He will always honour us. At times we might lose with people when we act with integrity, but we will never lose with God when we act with integrity.

May we all be people who are anchored to God, and we must never forget: He is the Truth. 

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