#3122 – Jesus Obeyed

Good morning people who do not confuse obedience with legalism

John 15:10 NIV If you (Believers) keep My (Jesus) commands, you will remain in My love, just as I have kept My Father’s commands and remain in His love.

In this time of so many people focusing on ‘living under grace, not under law’ (which is very Biblical), we have gone beyond what God was saying, and in doing so, we have lost the power of true freedom.

‘Not living under law’ does not mean ‘not doing what God says’. Jesus never lived under law, yet He kept all of His Father’s commands.

The reason for this is, He saw His Father’s commands as they actually were. God’s commands are ingredients that come in the form of decisions, that empower His will to be done, and empower us to remain in His love.

Never forget, God is a Protector, not a Controller.

Never forget, God is always for us, not against us.

Never forget, God came to give us life, not to steal, kill and destroy.

If you truly want to live in and remain in God’s love, do what He says.

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