#3083 – Relationships Matter

Good morning people who position themselves around people who do them good

I was about to move on to the next part of the prophetic statement for 2017, but I felt Father say that STEPPING INTO includes stepping into right relationships and stepping away from toxic relationships.

Our environment is important.

Now I need to clarify something here: This is not a focus on where we work or being around unsaved people and loving on them. I’m not talking about cutting off those Father wants us to reach and love.

But I do feel Father is saying, if we are going to step into, the fulness, of what Father has, for us, we need to intentionally, actively and as a matter of priority, place ourselves in a position where the right relationships get the right amount of time. And in line with what Father is highlighting to me, especially in the area of relationships that draw us closer towards Father and His plans for our lives.

Some people build you up – some people pull you down. Some people bring your focus to God – some people just talk on a natural and logical level. Some people are kingdom minded – some people focus on us and what we want.

STEPPING INTO includes prioritising relationships that will move you forward in God.

“Who are those people in your life? Does Father want you to prioritise more time with them in 2017?”

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