#3077 – Father’s Perspective

Good morning people who want to see from a heavenly vantage point

There’s such a need to see from Father’s perspective.

I believe most of us reading this would agree theologically with this statement.

I equally believe that many of us don’t believe we can really do this – maybe some others can, but not us.

I’m not saying this is easy, nor am I professing to always do this. But I feel by the Spirit of God that I am to place this invitation, and even this expectation, from Father before all of us today.

Life keeps on moving forward at a fast pace. There are many demands on us; our time, our priorities, our responsibilities, our dreams, our passions…so much, on so many levels.

And this is why we need times to pause; to stop and listen, and to hear from Father and see from His perspective.

I encourage you to have some ‘quiet time’ with Father today with the sole focus of listening to Him

May you be excessively blessed as you seek to see from Father’s perspective. 

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