#3054 – Fine Lines

Good morning people who are deeply satisfied with their wonderful God

Recently I felt Father say, “Beware of fine lines”.

I believe this is a prophetic word of intervention for some who are reading this today.

The present culture, both in the world and at times in the church is, “How close to the line of sin and compromise can I get without stepping over it?”

I believe this focus of question is coming from the wrong angle and perspective. If I’m honest, this is an immature focus and one that seeks to ‘get away with as much as possible’.

The correct question to ask is this: “How much can I honour God?”

When this is the pursuit of your life, you don’t want to walk close to the line – you want to keep as far away from it as possible.

“Are there some fine lines that Father is highlighting to you today? If so, will you walk away from them and towards God?”

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