#298 – Don’t Accept It

Good morning faith-filled people

Too many times we accept things that we shouldn’t. It may be a health issue, an emotional issue, a financial issue, a relational issue, an area of struggle, it may be a desire to see someone come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Some have waited for a breakthrough for a long time and it hasn’t yet come. What do we do about that?

I feel the Spirit of God moving today and this is what I feel Him say.

If we can change something, we should change it. This takes discipline, this takes effort, this takes self-control but many times there are things that we can change. We shouldn’t ask God to do the things that we can and should be doing. It’s time to push through and make the tough decisions that are our responsibility.

If we can’t change something (and many of you can’t), we must trust God to do a miracle. Too many are accepting the impossibility and hope has died. Your God is able! He wants to do you good. But many times despair and a delayed response has made it easy to accept it and difficult to believe yet again for a miracle. It’s time to stir your faith. It’s time to get your eyes on the promises of God. It’s time to allow hope to be revived. I can not say this more clearly; don’t accept the impossible as final! If you don’t see the answer today, pray in faith again tomorrow. If you don’t see the answer tomorrow, pray in faith again the next day and the day after and the week after and the month after and the year after