#277 – Blessing Or Burden

Good morning blessed people blessing others

Today we can all choose to be a blessing or a burden.

We can be a positive influence in people’s lives. We can encourage people today and see the best in them. We can go out of our way to serve and to love. We can be the one person that lifts someone’s spirits. We can be the only one who smiles at someone today. We can speak with courtesy and respect. We can ask the Holy Spirit, “Show me how I can bless others today and add value to their lives”.

Or we can be a burden. We can add to the misery we see all around us in the world. We can complain at the checkout when the line is too slow. We can abuse the driver who cuts us off. We can be inefficient and lazy in our jobs. We can do the least instead of the most. We can see what we can get away with. We can be a drain and a negative burden to those around us.

We have a choice. It is not always easy to choose the path of blessing but it is what Jesus would do. It is not always easy to give when others are taking but it is what Jesus would do. It is not always easy to be a blessing when we are tired and worn out but that’s what Jesus would do.

Today let’s make it a ‘BLESSING DAY’. Let’s be intentional and focused on being excessive in our blessings and together let’s point people to the love of God displayed by people who truly care.

Matthew 5:16 Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.