#264 – Sincere Love

Good wonderful morning Christ-honouring people

I am gripped by many verses in the second half of Romans 12. I feel to take a slow walk through the simple, yet profound, truths contained in this passage. I believe this one passage alone holds many keys for successful God-honouring living.

Romans 12:9a Love must be sincere.

I read this and stopped. What a simple phrase yet it holds so much power.

We live in a time where love is often not sincere. The reality is if it’s not sincere, then it’s not true love. But an equal reality is many things are done in the name of love, under the banner of love, when they are in fact selfish acts to benefit oneself. Many times I have done something loving for my family yet I stand to gain the most from it. I’m not talking about having a sinister motivation but it’s all too easy to do something nice knowing that you will get something nice in return.

This is not a rebuke or trying to read too much into things but rather a great opportunity to stop, pause and meditate on this simple phrase, “Love must be sincere”. This is both an instruction that our love must be sincere and a declaration that love itself must be sincere otherwise it’s not love at all.

This is best summarised by my dad’s definition of love: ‘giving at the expense of self’. Love gives for the benefit of others. This is what God did in sending His Son, what Jesus did in giving His Life and what we are called to do as we follow in His example.

Further Reading: 1 Corinthians 13