#258 – Greatest Privilege

Good morning privileged people

Recently someone responded to a BIY with a quote they heard year’s ago from a Welsh preacher. It was so good I thought I would share it with you.

“To find God’s will is life’s greatest treasure; to do God’s will is life’s greatest privilege.”

This is fantastic! To know God’s will is indeed our greatest treasure because anything outside of that is a waste. The only way we can bring God pleasure is to do His will for our lives and the only way we can do God’s will is to first know it. Do you know God’s will for your life? Maybe you are still on the journey to discovering the one thing God created you to do, but all of us have the precious Word of God available to us which is simply pages of God’s will and intention for you and I. Do the stuff you know and God will reveal more to you.

I love the second half of this quote: to do God’s will is life’s greatest privilege. Too many times Christians feel like serving God comes at a personal cost and that they are missing out on a lot of good things. This type of thinking is incorrect and is the cause of so much unnecessary frustration. It is our greatest privilege to do God’s will. Sure it means we can’t do certain things and our time priorities are different to others but it is still our greatest privilege. We must keep this perspective and be grateful that God choose us and has a plan and a purpose for us. Blessed be the Name of the Lord!

Luke 22:42 Not my will but yours be done.