#247 – In Step

Good morning people who walk with God

I have a simple thought today about walking with God. I believe it’s imperative to walk in step with Him. Sometimes we can fall behind and sometimes we can rush ahead. In our walk, timing is important.

When we walk behind God there can be several reasons for this. One of them is fear; we are not sure God knows what He is doing or maybe we are not ready to take the next step. Another reason is laziness; we can’t be bothered. A third reason could be lack of focus; sure it’s important but there are lots happening in life and it’s not a focused priority right now.

Walking ahead of God can also be due to several reasons. One of these is presumption; God starts to speak and we fill in the blanks or maybe we presume God would go a certain way and we haven’t given time to hearing Him. Another reason could simple be eagerness; similar to presumption but nonetheless, eagerness must be coupled with wisdom and hearing God. A third reason for walking ahead could be pride; a sense of independence and not feeling the need for God to guide us.

A much better way to live is in step with God; this is talking about reliance and sensitivity. We need God every moment of every day and we need to live with this thought in our mind. We also need to live in a state of constantly listening; this is the sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. When we walk in step with God, that’s when life is lived as it should be.

John 15:5